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Association ZOPPAS PER BAMBINI is a nonprofit organization with legal personality.

Association ZOPPAS PER BAMBINI was founded in 2009 by a group of mothers, employees of the company ZOPPAS Industries Romania, from Sannicolau-Mare, Timis county.

Association ZOPPAS PER BAMBINI intends to undertake activities in the protection of children, elderly and socio-economically disadvantaged persons.

  • Protection of children and disadvantaged families;
  • Preventing school dropout and school reintegration of those who have left school;
  • Organizing and supporting courses and seminars for teachers and local personalities, camps and initiations in camps, excursions;
  • Aid, awards and scholarships;
  • Organizing lectures, symposia, exhibitions, artistic performances and competitions;
  • Organizing activities to collect funds and materials;
  • Organizing actions for food distribution, clothing, etc to orphanages, hospitals and needy families during the holidays and beyond;
  • Providing material support to children in difficult situations (medical cases).

  • Alina CLAPA - President
  • Carmen RUSMIR - Vice President (sole administrator of ZiR)
  • Voichiţa MIHĂIESCU - secretary
  • Diana BUZAŞ - secretary
  • Cristina IAKSO - member
  • Codruţa PFEIFER - member
logo zoppas per bambini